• Our Garden of Hope is becoming something really special, visit it soon! Open during office hours.

  • We provide patient gift bags to children in the Hospital

  • Our Cure Hunger Now Program Feeds Families in our Community! #CureHungerNow!

  • Volunteers help deliver Comfort Build-a-Bag’s Every Month!

  • Volunteers help hand out food to those in need! #CureHungerNow

Latest Articles

If you don’t know already, our Cure Hunger Now Food Outreach is every fourth Saturday of the month. We pack bags the day before at our USDA Food Bank! Many volunteers came out to help unload about 9,200 pounds of food from the Feeding America truck. Quickly they helped get the food out and put into our CHN Food Bags. We packed many bags in just a few short hours. […]

If you do not know our kids and youth club called, “Cures Club”. Now might be the perfect time to get involved. Cures Club is all about kids and youth coming together at our Charity Headquarters to do some cool activities. In the past Cures Club has done cards for kids in the hospital, crafts, games, car washes, recycling, gardening, and more! To accommodate with more schedules we have changed […]

Group B Streptococcus (strep) is common bacterium often carried in your intestines or your lower genital tracts. Group B Strep (GBS) is usually harmless in adults. However, in new born it can cause a variety of diseases such as Sepsis and Meningitis. Approximately 1 in 4 pregnant women carry GBS according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Women who carry the GBS bacteria in their bodies […]

Each month we have a new Kids Snack! Try this month’s snack today! Plan it for one of your summer treats for your kids! Watermelon Pizza!

July is Cord Blood Awareness Month! Did you know that umbilical cord blood is rich in blood stem cells? It contains cells that can repair and restore an immune system. The cord blood can be used in transplants for life threatening diseases such as, leukemia as well as metabolic and genetic diseases. According to The National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) 7 out of 10 patients have to look outside of […]

July is all about Juvenile Arthritis Awareness! If you are like most people, than you may not be aware this rheumatic disease known as Juvenile arthritis (JA). When you think of rheumatoid arthritis, the thought of someone as young as 16 years old or younger to be the patient who is suffering from this disease. In fact most individuals who suffer from this condition age from 16 and younger. “Juvenile […]

Every fourth Saturday of the month we give out our Cure Hunger Now Food Bags to people in our communities that need it. Our summer hours are 10-1PM and we were lucky this Saturday; the clouds blocked most of the heat from the sun. With our Cure Hunger Now Food Bags ready to go, we handed out eggs and a chicken to each family. Everyone was super happy and thankful […]