• Kids had a blast at our Halloween Bite Out of Hunger Bowling Fundraiser!

  • Our Comfort Build-a-Bag’s Continue to Deliver Smiles Monthly!

  • Our Newest Back Pack program in Cabazon Elementary!

  • Super Hero’s Help Deliver our one of a kind Comfort Build-a-Bag’s!

  • Cure Hunger Now Food Outreach line Grows Each Time!

  • Volunteers show amazing kindness carrying food more than 4 blocks for a Lady.

Latest Articles

At this past Cure Hunger Now Food Outreach we gave out over 260+ bags! This is an incredible feat to accomplish in such a short amount of time. In fact this last outreach we packed bags as we went to help meet this high number, as volunteers worked together to move the line, everything worked out really well. Our outreach line started early as people tried to make sure they […]

Everyone had fun on Saturday night bowling and raising funds to feed thousands of people each year in our communities. This event helped raise money for the purchase of food for our Back Pack Program for kids and our Cure Hunger Now Food Outreaches. This spooktacular event was sold out, and each lane was full of people having fun bowling in their halloween costumes. With lots of Kohl’s Cares teams […]

This month is all about your liver health. Did you know that the liver is the largest gland in the human body? It is also located in the upper right abdomen. According to medicinenet.com, “The normal liver has many important complex functions. These functions include manufacture of plasma proteins, storage of carbohydrates, detoxifying drugs and toxins, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, bile formation, and others.” As you can see your liver […]

“It’s not about celebrating disabilities, it’s about celebrating abilities,” -ndss.org. You might be wondering, “What exactly is Down Syndrome?” According to the National Down Syndrome Society(NDSS), our genes carry codes that are responsible for our traits, and are grouped together called chromosomes. Most of the time, the nucleus of a cell will contain 23 pairs of chromosomes; half are inherited from each parent. Down syndrome occurs when a person has […]

On September 24 we gave out 300 Cure Hunger Now Food Bags to people in our communities. Many people arrive early to line up to receive their food. This time around we had many bags filled with rice, beans, mashed potatoes, blueberries, meat, chips, cereal and more! Our line reached top peak once again, breaking our previous records. We encourage everyone to tell people when to come out to our […]

Our great bags created for each child in the hospital get delivered by volunteers. Each visit we bring volunteers to lend a helping hand. Packing and creating bags for each kid, carrying bags through the halls of the hospital, and delivering them are just a few of the things volunteers do. Sharon Smith from DHS Police Department, and the Kohl’s Cares team from Beaumont all made this trip possible. Inside […]

Join us Saturday October 15 at Empire Bowl in Redlands California 5-9p, as we come together to help Fundraise for our Cure Hunger Now Program. This event is Halloween themed, and lot of fun for everyone. We will be having bowling contests, costume contest, door prizes, raffles, food and more! Make sure that if you come dressed in costume, that you do not wear any masks or bring in weapons […]