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  • We provide patient gift bags to children in the Hospital

  • Ambassador and Pro Motocross Racer, Sara Price

  • Therapy Dogs help many children overcome their battles

  • Volunteers help in our Cure Hunger Now Garden!

Latest Articles

On Saturday, October 18th Kids Cures Foundation had a Bowling Event called, “Take A Bite Out of Hunger.” This event was at Empire Bowl in Redlands California. Many kids and adults came dressed in their Halloween costumes to bowl. It was really fun to see all of our volunteers dressed up and excited to bowl. Door prizes were given out, and many people went home with cool prizes sponsored by […]

Happy Halloween from everyone at the Kids Cures Foundation! This Month’s Snack is festive and perfect for a halloween party or october family get together! It’s called. “Witches Broom Stick!,” try it today! Visit the Monthly Kids Snack Page

October is the month we bring awareness to the epidemic of bullying and also learn to be more secure when using the internet. ‘Between 1 in 4 and 1 in 3 U.S. students say they have been bullied at school. Many fewer have been cyberbullied stopbullying.gov.’ With this large number of affected students, parents, teachers, affected students and bystanders must take appropriate, safe action to address incidents. We here at […]

March 31, 1993: the United Nations (UN) adopted a resolution to make October 17th the date that the world recognizes the need to eradicate poverty, and recognize the efforts of countries who are making progress in their efforts to meet this goal. The eight point plan of attack includes: (1) eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, (2) achieve universal primary education, (3) promote gender equality and empower women, (4) reduce child […]

Hydrocephalus is a disease previously known as water on the brain. It is really a buildup of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that cushions and cleans the brain, and surrounds the spinal cord. It causes the cavities in the brain to swell, causing pressure that can damage the brain. It can be caused by head injury, or present at birth. Whether there is a blockage of various cavities in the brain […]

Cancer in children is a devastating diagnosis. Cancer is the leading cause of death in children. More than 11,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year in this country (ncbi.nlm.nih.gov). Each month, when Kids Cures Foundation visits hospitalized children to deliver a Comfort Build-A-Bag, we see firsthand the impact on the children and their families. This is why in September we bring awareness to childhood cancers. The types of cancers […]

September is Sickle Cell Awareness month. Normal healthy red blood cells are round. People who have sickle cell disease (SCD) have a portion of their red blood cells that are shaped like a letter ‘c’, known as a sickle shape. The disease is inherited when one or both parents have the type of genetic trait (sickle cell trait) to pass it to their children. It is usually diagnosed at birth, […]