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What is cord blood? It is blood from a humans umbilical cord, which is a source for stem cells. Blood can be taken form umbilical cords soon after a baby is delivered, it contains a small number of adult stem cells that mature into healthy blood cells. When the umbilical cord is donated, it poses a very little risk to donors, and life saving blood can be stored and frozen […]

Did you know that Cleft and craniofacial conditions affect thousands of infants, kids, teens, and adults in the United States. Craniofacial defects affect the structure and function of a baby’s head and face. There are two really common craniofacial defects, orofacial clefts, which can happen when the lip and mouth do not form properly, and craniosynostosis that happens when the bones in a baby fuse too early. Kids that have […]

In the U.S. we have nearly 50,000 children who are affected by Juvenile idiopathic arthritis. JIA is often called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) in the U.S. there are a few names for specific forms of arthritis which include: systemic onset JIA or Still’s disease, oligoarticular JIA (which affects fewer than 5 joints), polyarticular JIA (which affects five or more joints), enthesitis-realted and psoriatic arthritis. Signs and symptoms of Juvenile Arthritis […]

Did you know that 1 in 4 pregnant women carry Group B Strep (GBS)? This is the leading cause of sepsis and meningitis in newborns. GBS can end up infecting babies during and after pregnancy during the first few months of life. Group B Streptococcus also known as Streptococcus agalaciae, is a bacteria type that is located in the digestive tract and birth canal. Having GBS does not mean that […]

Our most recent Cure Hunger Now Food Outreach started a little early this time due to the hot temps of summer, and to everyone’s enjoyment our line was in the shade. We fed 274 families, 1130 people total with our Cure Hunger Now Food Bags. Inside each Cure Hunger Now Food Bag we had lots of good food and we had frozen chickens from Feeding America! So many grateful people […]

On June 11th we had another successful Cure Hunger Now food outreach in Cabazon. Volunteers and the Cabazon Association came together to feed the community of Cabazon. The bags for this outreach were packed by Kohls Cares. Thank you to everyone who packed these fantastic bags. Many people came to receive food and we gave out 150 bags. This is great as each bag can feed multiple people. Volunteers handed […]