• Our Comfort Build-a-Bag’s Continue to Deliver Smiles Monthly!

  • Our Newest Back Pack program in Cabazon Elementary!

  • Super Hero’s Help Deliver our one of a kind Comfort Build-a-Bag’s!

  • Volunteers show amazing kindness carrying food more than 4 blocks for a Lady.

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Comfort Build-a-Bag’s are unique one of a kind bags, each packed individually for kids and teens. Dedicated volunteers make sure that these bags get packed and delivered monthly. Each bag comes with toys and items to help kids feel better in the hospital. Captain America, Spider Man, Iron Man and Princess Belle visited the hospital surprising both boys and girls. Kohl’s volunteers also tagged along to help carry and deliver […]

Don’t forget, next Cabazon Food Outreach is September 10, 10-12p at Cabazon Park. Even with the heat we were able to give out lots of bags to the community. Over 300 people were fed within each household combined. Each bag had canned goods, rice, beans and more. Early birds were able to get some pork chops as well, and those went fast! Each bag was packed by our Kohl’s volunteers, […]

SJS is short for Stevens-Johnson Sydrome and this is a very rare, but serious condition. This is caused when you have a serve reaction to medicine that you have recently taken. SJS causes your skin to blister and peel, and they also form inside your body, effecting the way you eat, swallow and even use the restroom. You must get treated right away to help protect your skin and other […]

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August brings awareness to breastfeeding, since the USBC officially declared August as National Breastfeeding Month! Breastfeeding provides very good nutrition for your child, from day one it helps them. When you first breastfeed, your child will receive something that most call, “Liquid gold”. This milk is yellow and called colostrum, and it is very rich with nutrients and has many antibodies that fight to protect your baby from infections. It […]

This month many kids go back to school, and while new clothes and supplies are important, so is their health. While you might already be preparing them with enrollment, immunizations what about our kids eyes? Eyes are an essential tool when it comes to school. When a child has problems seeing the board a teacher is writing on it can be hard to grasp subjects and topics. You should have […]

On July 30 we had a very great food outreach at Repplier Park in Banning. Our bags this time around came with bananas, beans, rice, corn, bread and more. We included meat from our USDA food bank which ranged from beef, pork and steak. Volunteers packed over 275 bags this time around, and we gave out all of them! Our outreaches are while supplies last, and this time we got […]