• Our Garden of Hope is becoming something really special, visit it soon! Open during office hours.

  • We provide patient gift bags to children in the Hospital

  • Ambassador and Pro Motocross Racer, Sara Price

  • Therapy Dogs help many children overcome their battles

  • Volunteers help in our Cure Hunger Now Garden!

  • Our Bowling Tournament was so much fun!

Latest Articles

On March 19th we visited the hospital to deliver our Comfort Build-a-Bag’s to children. Every time we go to the hospital it is always a pleasure to take volunteers in to experience this amazing program at first hand. Each of our bags are custom built for each child, creating a personal experience. Our bag’s come with many different items including, Stuffed Animals, Books, Toys, Activity Books, Crayons, Cards, and many […]

March is National kidney month, and it’s dedicated to the awareness, prevention and treatment of chronic kidney disease. Our kidneys work 24/7 to keep our bodies healthy by filtering our toxins and extra fluid and to regulate blood pressure. Like the heart and brain, we can’t live without our kidneys. Kidney disease can affect children in different ways. It can either be a treatable disorder without long-term consequences, to life […]

Did you know that March is Child Life Month? Child Life Month is the time of year that is dedicated to honor child life specialists and to increase awareness about their important work. Many people don’t know what the term “child life specialist” means. Child life professionals specialize in child development. They work to ease anxiety experienced by children and families due to certain life events. They prepare children for […]

This month take the time and make an effort to help expand the knowledge and get a better understanding about this disease. Did you know that Multiple Sclerosis means multiple scars? MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is a sickness that affects the nervous system. Our brain plays a big role in our life, because the brain is what tells us what to do. When someone has MS, the body is unable to […]

It’s nutrition education for the month of March to help spread awareness. March is the perfect time to consider better food choices and good eating habits. Eating healthy can prevent people from having Type 2 Diabetes and being obese. Those who suffer from Diabetes also suffer from Malnutrition according to www.examiner.com Did you know that sugar can be an addiction? Addiction to sugar is harder to give up, that an […]

On February 14, 2015 we had our annual Valentine’s Themed Club called I Love Cures Club. Each year is fun, but this year was even better! With many kids showing up to Cures Club we decided it was time to do this years event a little different. Instead of just having one activity going on we decided to combine all the different activities Cures Club does! Kids got to rotate […]

As the number of deaths from cancer increases, we require that we find new approaches to control this disease. One of the biggest factors can make a person most likely to get cancer is age. But there are also other factors that affect the risk of getting cancer, in which people are looking for more ways to prevent cancer. Nothing has been found that has been proven to prevent it. […]