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Every year we do Earth Month for the month of April! Visit the Earth Month Home Page for More Information! Tweet and Post the Hashtags #CureMotherEarth #KidsCuresEarthMonth Try Making This Month’s Healthy Kids Snack and you Could WIN! Each week Starting April 6th we will have 5 Weekly Tips to #CureMotherEarth Check Back Monday! #TheWeeklyQuote will feature a regular quote and one for Earth Month Starting April 6th!

Earth Month is Now Visit: kidscures.org/EarthMonth Try this snack today! Click on the image to try this snack! You could win something cool!

Autism is a very difficult diagnosis, because it affects areas of the brain governing social interactions and relationships, the very foundation of family and community. Did you know that autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder, but is also the most underfunded? April marks Autism Awareness Month, an entire month devoted to raising awareness about this disease. Autism awareness month also commemorates the milestones achieved by the autism community. It […]

Cancer control month highlights advances in fighting cancer; it also includes prevention, early detection, and treatment of cancer. There is one way to control cancer, and it’s to find cancer cells and get rid of them. By getting cancer screenings you can help detect cancer early. The earlier cancer is found, the better. About 1 in 2 men and 1 and 3 women in the United States will develop cancer. […]

Did you know that April is Child Abuse prevention month? It’s a time to acknowledge the importance of families and communities working together to prevent child abuse and neglect and to promote the emotional well-being of children who are being neglected or abused. Not all children have equal opportunity for healthy growth or development due to child abuse and or child neglect. When that happens we put our future at […]

On March 19th we visited the hospital to deliver our Comfort Build-a-Bag’s to children. Every time we go to the hospital it is always a pleasure to take volunteers in to experience this amazing program at first hand. Each of our bags are custom built for each child, creating a personal experience. Our bag’s come with many different items including, Stuffed Animals, Books, Toys, Activity Books, Crayons, Cards, and many […]

March is National kidney month, and it’s dedicated to the awareness, prevention and treatment of chronic kidney disease. Our kidneys work 24/7 to keep our bodies healthy by filtering our toxins and extra fluid and to regulate blood pressure. Like the heart and brain, we can’t live without our kidneys. Kidney disease can affect children in different ways. It can either be a treatable disorder without long-term consequences, to life […]