• Amazing people made this years Operation Santa Visit to the Hospital Magical!

  • Our Newest Back Pack program in Cabazon Elementary!

  • Girl Scouts Help Pack our Cure Hunger Now Bags for Kids.

  • Volunteers help deliver Comfort Build-a-Bag’s Every Month!

  • Volunteers show amazing kindness carrying food more than 4 blocks for a Lady.

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Monthly Kids Snack

This month is not just all about Valentines, it’s also about your heart. This Month is American Heart Month and the CDC along with, Million Hearts (a national effort to prevent 1 Million heart attacks and strokes before 2017) encourages everyone to know what their blood pressure is. High blood pressure often shows no signs or symptoms, which is why having your blood pressure checked is important. Uncontrolled high blood […]

When it comes to understanding oral hygiene, tooth brushes and floss are just the beginning. The American Dental Association is pleased to provide you with February 2016 National Children’s Dental health month. Starting your child off with good dental care can help protect their teeth for decades to come. Begin cleaning your baby’s mouth during the first few days after birth by wiping the gum with a clean, moist gauze […]

January 23, we had our Cure Hunger Now outreach at Repplier Park. The next Outreaches are, Feb 13 in Cabazon, at Cabazon Park 10-12 — and Feb 27 in Banning 10-1p! Don’t miss your opportunity to volunteer, email info@kidscures.org today! Days of unloading loads of food, packing bags, reloading food all lead up to our outreach, and lots of hard work goes into it. Once all the food arrived to […]

Every New Years most people start their resolutions, with most improving their lives. It’s easy to say you are going to do something, and it’s something else to actually follow through. So we have provided ways for you to be inspired to stay inspired this year. Remember once you commit to something, you will succeed! Start by setting short term goals for long term results! If you start out small […]

All trends from huffingtonpost.com There are many different types of ways that you can eat healthier this year. It starts with the essentials, fruits and veggies etc. There are a few trends for 2016 that you might want to know about. The first new trend is called power bowls which are all about mixing healthy foods into one bowl. Within that bowl you can have various meats, nuts, protein etc. […]

This month we bring awareness to this very important topic. According to cdc.gov, every four and a half minutes, a baby is born with a major birth defect here in the United States. This is the leading cause of death, accounting for 20 percent of deaths in the first year of life. Not all birth defects can be prevented, but there are things women can to do help prevent it […]