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August is National Breastfeeding Awareness month. Breastfeeding is a natural way to both bond, and provide additional short and long term health advantages to both you and your newborn. The American Academy of Pediatrics’(AAP) official stand is that when possible, an infant should be breastfed the first six months of life, and then slowly introduced to appropriate solids as the mom and child find comfortable and agreeable. There are very […]

This August is ambylopia awareness month. Ambylopia is the doctoral term for lazy eye. Lazy eye is an eye disorder that occurs during birth when the the nerve pathway from one eye to the brain is not fully developed the result being that the child or person can not see details well in that eye. The eye well send a blurred vision or the wrong image to the brain and […]

This August is Psoriasis Awareness Month. Psoriasis is defined as an common skin problem that presents as silvery dry patchy skin that is itchy and painful. According to WebMDpsoriasis may be caused by the immune system over reacting, causing inflammation and flaking of the skin to occur. There are several types of psoriasis such as mild which is a small flaky rash, moderate, and severe. When a person has severe […]

This August is Cataract Awareness Month. Many people think that cataracts are restrained to elderly people or come with age but thats not really the case as cataracts do happen to newborns and children. Cataracts are defined as having a clouding in the lens of the eye. With most adults cataracts doesn’t happen till a person hits the age of 40, but as mentioned before a newborn or child can […]

This August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety so be careful little eyes what you see. August as mentioned before in other articles is Lazy Eye Month, and Cataract Awareness Month. A child’s eyes are very important as the rest of the body is and just as with the rest of the child’s body is still growing. So it’s important to keep those little eyes safe and healthy. One of […]

Have you ever seen someone or know someone who has jewelry with the words Medic Alert on it along with snake rapped around a staff? Well there is a reason they have that on them its to alert a medical professional about a medical or health condition incase the person can not communicate. There are several different reasons why a person may have a Medic Alert on them. Common reasons […]